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Welcome to WinMatrix
We have drawn some guidelines which have to be followed while posting.

Please keep it in mind that:
  • If you don't follow the under noted rules then you will be warned, and can be banned also.
  • WinMatrix.com reserves the right to change any of these rules without any notice to anyone.
  • Search the forums before asking a question. Here we don't appreciate more than one thread regarding same topic.
  • Visitors as are new to windows customization please read this thread: The Beginner's Customization Thread.

General Community Rules:

Such posts which compel other members to buy a certain product or service, will be edited, locked or removed. This is not a place for advertising your commercial products.
Such posts which compel other members to register on poster's website will be edited or removed.
Don't post your website just for attracting the visitors or members.

No flame war is tolerated here. Posts containing personal attacks on another user will be edited/deleted.

Posts which will be made in order to raise post count will not be tolerated and the members will be warned and then banned. You are not permitted to ask the same question on different forums. Spammers will be banned and they will not be signed up again with new name.

Material that is sexually or otherwise obscene is not permitted on these forums. Topics/posts containing such will be deleted on sight.

Providing or asking for information regarding "warez" will be removed and strict action will be taken against concerned members.

Copyrighted material
Don't post copyright material without permission from the original author. It includes posting of others wallpapers, icons or themes with your name. This is ripping and it will not be tolerated at all.

Posting in old threads
By posting in old topics, the topic becomes active in which old discussion was going on and it could be a time wasting, reading those posts.
Which is the old topic can be ascertained from the date of last post in the topic.
But when some wrong info was being provided in the thread and if question is unanswered then you can reply the then moment.

Posting Images in the forum
  • In every forum you can attach an image file under 75kb in size.
  • If you are going to post your wallpaper and it is larger than the prescribed size then upload it on some other website like imageshack.us or tinypic.com.
  • If your image is larger than 640x480 please make a thumbnail or text linking to your image.

  • Keep your graphical sigs under 50k file size and 550x170px (170 pixels hight and 550 pixels width)
  • There are many free servers where you can host your signature image like imageshack.us and tinypic.com
  • You are not permitted to advertise affiliate program links in your signature.
  • Your website link in your signature is OK. But it should not be disturbing.
  • Staff reserves the right to remove the signature if it is not found suitable.