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W32.Novarg.A@mm Removal Tool

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#1 AquaS



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Posted 28 January 2004 - 07:28 PM

W32.Novarg.A@mm is a mass-mailing worm that arrives as an attachment with the file extension .bat, .cmd, .exe, .pif, .scr, or .zip.

The W32.Novarg.A@mm Removal Tool does the following:

- Terminates the W32.Novarg.A@mm viral processes.
- Terminates the viral thread running under Explorer.exe.
- Deletes the W32.Novarg.A@mm files.
- Deletes the registry values added by the worm.

Download: W32.Novarg.A@mm Removal Tool

#2 Jatin



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Posted 28 January 2004 - 08:26 PM

Know more about W32.Novarg.A@mm (Thanks to Anubis)

#3 AibelNET


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Posted 28 January 2004 - 08:42 PM

Know more about W32.Novarg.A@mm (Thanks to Anubis)

Yeah it's becoming a real pain in the butt... I'm an IT Specialist and to be honest I have spoken to some real dumb @$$e$$ since Monday...

My Clients are business customers who spend a load of money for their Broadband Internet connection in the K's we are talking here not little broadband connections...

Here is an example...?

One of our clients was moaning he was getting loads of emails with Hi, Test, and Error and so on and I explained to this guy the reason why this was happening and do you know what his answer was...

I don't care I want me emails working now this is a poor excuse and I don't believe anything you have told me...

My reply...

I'm sorry Sir... but, have you been on holiday recently and just come back because this is plastered all over the Internet. It's on just about every Virus news site... I was on the national and international news yesterday and it's been in the papers...

And you are the only person probably in the whole world who does not know what is going on at the moment and what problems this is causing all ISP's across the whole infrastructure of the Internet.. We are not talking just a small virus infecting just a small minority of people... It GLOBAL all around the world...

His answer...?

Ooh...? Um... fine then when will it be fixed then...? DOH... didn’t you listen to a single word I just told you...

Answer it was a little too technical for me to grasp... I need to consult with my IT manager... Yeah you do that; and then I will have to speak to another Muppet...

At this point I needed a stiff drink and a cigarette... And these people run massive organisations and corporations... They despair me, they really do...

#4 AibelNET


    CS v Women CS always win..

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Posted 28 January 2004 - 08:47 PM


We have been speaking to a few of our techno nerds who have been relating back and forth to Symantec and apparently they are having a few problems removing this virus because it keeps replicating all the time and it's hard to keep under control...

The removal program will remove it but, then it comes back the same virus but, in a different for from the previous one...

So it looks like to be one off the most destructive virus this year so far... What a nice start to the year for us poor technical boffins who try to keep you Internet Safe...

Yeah... :whistle:

#5 AquaS



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Posted 29 January 2004 - 06:53 PM

Man your job is critical :D

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