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HTC Vive - Microsoft

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Posted 18 January 2017 - 04:57 PM


Image by YM using existing images and altering them. Little photoshop work I but together.


Ok. I was skeptic at first when I had to sign a waiver to play it. When I saw a girl jumping back from the TheBlu game and really trying to touch the fish, I knew I had to play it. I signed the digital waiver, waited patiently next to play (no line :punk:  :winmatrix: ), and siked up. Then my time came to head strap in. I put my 4 eyes, glasses first, into the headset and then geared up like Suicide Squad's Deadshot (not really, but definitely needed assistance). The virtual world is amazing. It was sooo cool seeing the controllers floating to me (actually carried by Microsoft store assistant).



Game 1 - Space Pirate Trainer VR



YESS!!!! This opened up my eyes to how intense and realistic the gaming was. I went from 2D to Virtual. Being able to hold the shield in slow motion mode, yes slow motion, in-front of me while holding the gun over it to shoot. Realistic blocking and shooting at the same time. Loved putting laser bullets in-front of those flying bots path to make them smack face with 'em.



Game 2 - Raw Data



I was was stoked by just seeing my controllers turn into gun hands (digital orgasm). 360 gaming with the ability to smack down on robots using actual body melee gestures and shooting. I loved being able to see, duck behind a crate, and only stick may arm out to shot robots. Also the ability to shot at the large robot leader with my left hand and using my right hand to shot potentially damaging rockets in the air was stellar.


All in all, best gaming experience ever!!!!!


Great job, HTC and Microsoft  :woot:

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