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The webpage you requested is not available offline

msie internet explorer internet exploder offline

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Posted 16 October 2014 - 09:45 PM

Alright, guys, had to post a topic.. As I'm unable to find this info, anywhere, basically! :-/

The message, "The webpage you requested is not available offline", when working offline with the Internet Explorer is pestering me (in a major way, meh), popping up in different programs, the ones which use teh MHTML engine in Windows.


.. There are about a million (and one! :)) topics, on how to turn off teh offline mode; however, I need the exact opposite - to keep working in offline mode, without getting teh dialog ("Webpage unavailable while offline") to pop-up & so far, no luck!! Using teh Internet Exploder version 8.

I've searched *everywhere* and read every-single blog post, web page and forum that there is.. To no avail, so far. For example ("EnableAutoDial Registry Key Is Set Incorrectly"):


^^ And many, many (!) more; & probably the only thing I've not tried is:

Using regedit, find the folder:


And check that these two String keys are set to auto: "LoadSens"="auto" "LoadLCE"="auto" Create them if necessary!


So, does ANYONE know how to "get rid" of the dialog?!?? In a *functional* kind-of-way and without using 3rd party software (for example, to slam-closed pop-up windows and dialogs).

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