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Concept - Metro UI Improvements in Windows 9

windows 8 windows 9

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Posted 14 January 2014 - 01:35 PM

Windows 8.2 or Windows 9 Metro UI improvements concept by robotkoer.
Start screen:
  • When your Start screen doesn't have a scrollbar (no overflowing apps), show all apps on scroll instead
  • Metro version of Internet Explorer without requiring it to be default browser
  • Metro file browser built in (like apps.microsoft.com/windows/et-… )
Task switcher:
  • Showing desktop apps (or just Desktop if no apps are running)
  • Jump lists and animations (several windows open, loading bars) for desktop apps
  • Ability to pin apps (closed apps look like Start button - icon with name)
  • Like charms bar, should show time/date/internet/battery
  • Toggle between apps by scrolling on the top left corner or task switcher itself
  • Middle click closes app/window
  • Should match the Start screen color and be translucent
Charms bar:
  • System tray (without any system icons, those should go to Settings or other appropriate places)
  • Show desktop button
  • Power button below settings (on settings, it's replaced by Action Center)
  • Removal of Start button
  • Search and Share should work with selected text (on any app) 
  • Devices should actually show all connected devices (like This PC) and have safe ejecting options
  • Should match the Start screen color and be translucent
  • "Caption buttons" corner (middle click on close = restore, right click = minimize; on desktop, it functions as sleep - restart - shut down; won't appear on maximised desktop windows) 
  • "Show desktop" corner
  • Never show background color when snapping apps (should automatically show desktop or a running app on the opposite side; disable snapping if there is none)
  • Minimize and close features (drag down/drag down and wait) should come to desktop (Aero) Snap
  • Complete removal of taskbar (taskbar toolbars - if anyone's still using them - should float on desktop like they could before)

All credits go to robotkoer

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