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Privacy and the world of big corporation.

privacy alternatives

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Posted 10 June 2013 - 02:25 PM

In the light of things happened in last days I feel a big fear from lost of privacy on the internet. There is a big expectation that big companies named in the Edward Snowden case are really spying their clients. It is something unbelievable still some years or decade prior this days. Before Google reached its today's size and share on market, there was many companies providing e-mail, chat, calendar, bookmark and other on-line services. When Google came everything seemed idyllically - a lot of professional and high quality services connected each other and free for everyone. Financed just by advertising. Than Google came with its own browser. The talked, that it is just for better browsing. Now it is one of most used browsers in the world. Again, its profile is connected to all Google services and latitude find your position on the map - Great. Side by side with this process Google, Microsoft, Apple and some others big players bought a lot of smaller providers and developers. Google developed its own OS Android, MS has Windows and Windows Phone. All services of this big players had sophistical identification process (for security reasons of course) and now they push identification with phone number, that will be required in short future. On PC we have one alternative - tu use linux, but on mobile devices there is no alternative. We have tu use Android, MS or Apple system. Now this companies have our e-mails, our chats, our calendars, our contacts, our location, our phone calls... What will come. The US government denied any activities with spying people, but in same reaction they told that Edward Snowden has to be criminally prosecuted. Why, if he lied and there is no truth in his words??? I am afraid. I know, it is not very important if somebody know, that I was in pub yesterday and had some beers, but I am still afraid... I think now are right times to think about alternatives (if there are some). Please, write here your opinion about this, and if you know, write here good alternatives for services provided by Google, MS, Apple, Yahoo and companies connected to the Edward Snowden case.

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