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modernStart Alpha Download from Villain

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#1 Villain


    An Old Geek

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Posted 08 March 2013 - 06:51 PM

use a hotkey keypress (until I can find a way to automate it) to resize the Windows 8 Start Screen to 800x600, aligned to the taskbar (standard bottom-left position)
How To Use:
READ THE TEXT ON THE FORM. Seriously, it is super-simple.
You can shrink (Control+Shift+K)
You can restore (Control+Shift+R)
Feel free to share on others sites, as long as the download links to my website.  I do download hit tracking (filecount). I would love to see reviews. :D DO NOT INCLUDE WITH OTHER SOFTWARE / "PACKS", ETC.  YOU CAN HOWEVER, PROVIDE A DOWNLOAD LINK TO THE FILES ON MY SITE.  (AGAIN, FOR TRACKING PURPOSES)
The Start screen will stay this way until you log off, reboot, shutdown, etc... As I said before, working on a way to automate it.
Sizing Options now in place, for those that hate 800*600, have a low resolution, have a high resolution, whatever :D
WARNING: This app will work on ANY WINDOW.  Just Saying.  You can use it to "windowize" and Modern, or Desktop Window.  So be careful.

#2 Shaun of the Seven

Shaun of the Seven

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Posted 08 March 2013 - 09:09 PM

Great work man.

#3 Villain


    An Old Geek

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Posted 08 March 2013 - 11:20 PM

Thanks :D

#4 D7777



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Posted 09 March 2013 - 03:35 PM

You are the man Villain! :punk:

#5 Chrominator


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Posted 09 March 2013 - 05:05 PM

Fantastic! Thanks for the hard work.

#6 Villain


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Posted 09 March 2013 - 05:20 PM

Still working to update it, make it better.  Suggestions?

#7 techbear


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Posted 11 March 2013 - 04:08 AM

Excellent!  :yes:

#8 ~{/^OoMoO^\}~


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Posted 25 April 2013 - 08:12 AM

Any news on the update? Can we drag the windows now?

#9 mjgui


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Posted 16 July 2013 - 10:20 AM

Thanks, Villian!

As for the automation, I found a way using an AutoHotKey script to launch this on startup (albeit with a few second delay)
Run "insert location"

SetKeyDelay, 50

Send {LWin}

Send ^+{k}

Send {LWin}
Replace "insert location" with the location of Modernstart (or a shortcut of it) then compile it and set it to run on startup ;)[/size]

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