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Would switching to MAC be a mistake?

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Posted 04 December 2012 - 01:55 AM

I love my Mac and Mac OS X. Linux may have "more" programs available, but the number of quality, polished, programs is few and far between. I personally am annoyed by the perpetual beta of most Linux Distros (including Ubuntu). The user experience with different types of hardware can vary. To suggest Linux over Mac OS X just laughable. Linux is no more gamer friendly than Mac OS X. Wine, in general, is a joke. Poor performance, buggy compatibility. Besides, Steam works on Mac OS X, and Wine is available for Mac OS X. And for the most part, any open source Linux program is equally available for Mac OS X as long as the program is Unix compliant.

Personally, I could never use Linux in any type of productive manner. It is fun to play around with, but in the end it would just piss me off.

^FALSE! AutoCAD is available for Mac. Also, Mac comes with Automator.

In case you have remained TOTALLY in the dark, Steam HAS a linux client (i am in the beta) and the rumor going round is that Steam may end the Windows client. Just a rumor though. Rumors may be false.

Steam's Linux client has a laughably small amount of games available- 25 games, is it? And Valve isn't ending their Windows client, they would lose the majority of their revenue. They simply aren't fans of Windows 8.

I remember back when Steam was just used for getting the latest video drivers. Games had been played by WON network. If you DONT remember this, then you need to stop now. Everything starts off slowly. Give it time, and many more games will become avaliable. You cant not realistically expect that when Steam Linux happens for 100% of all games to be avaliable at launch. Heck, even new consoles only start off with 5-8 new games at launch. 25 games form the get-go is a great thing.

And remember, i said "rumor" while no one has proved it, Valve has yet to deny it either. Could be true, could not be, we just dont know for now.

I could say there is a rumor going around that Microsoft is buying Valve, and they likely wouldn't comment on it either. Doesn't make it any more likely.

Anyways, my point isn't that Ubuntu won't eventually get a larger library of games, but you've been arguing this entire topic that Linux is a superior gaming platform to OS X, which simply is not true. OS X's library has had quite a bit of time to expand over the past few years, and while it is obviously still inferior to Windows, it is still a much better platform to game on than Linux distros.

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