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Cannot Boot Into or Reinstall Windows

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Posted 05 August 2012 - 06:00 PM

I have a situation I've never encountered before. In the past, if the OS wouldn't boot I could use F8 and go into safe mode and do a System Restore, use last known good configuration or use start windows normally, eventually getting a reboot into Windows. If that failed, I could insert the installation disc or a repair disc, repairing the OS or getting into System Restore or doing a complete reinstall. None of these options have been successful.

The computer is a Dimension E-581 desktop running Vista Ultimate 32-bit and it's used by my stepson. The OS was installed in the English language. The language being used is Chinese Simplified, although as you know it can be switched back to English once Windows is up and running. I asked him if he downloaded any new software from China or if he clicked on a link in an email or instant message and he said that he had not so I'm ruling out malware as the cause of the problem. He told me that he mistakenly clicked on sleep instead of shut down and then, realizing his mistake, he held the power button in for appx. ten seconds, thinking he could reverse his choice of shutdown. He is illiterate when it comes to computers. I have not been able to boot into Windows since he did this yesterday.

Here's the situation; if I use F8 and click on Safe Mode, Last Known Good Configuration or Start Windows Normally a blue screen flashes for a fraction of a second, it goes to the Dell screen, Windows starts to boot and then I get the "Windows Error Recovery" black screen, which gives me the same options. It's a continuous loop that I can't get out of unless I use the power button to shut down the computer. If I insert the installation disc or a repair disc it shows "Windows is loading files" for a few seconds and then I get a blue screen with error codes. The error codes change every time I attempt this. Two of the codes are Stop: OxOOOOOOOA (OxD55662DE,OxOOOOOOO2, OxOOOOOOOO, Ox888BA8D7) and Stop: OxOOOOOOOA (OxOOOOOOOA, Ox95C4OC86, OxOOOOOOO2, OxOOOOOOOO, Ox888BA8D7). Again, these error codes change every time I attempt a repair or reinstallation. When I attempt a restart it once again goes to the "Windows Error Recovery" black screen and its endless loop. On one of the blue screens I received a message pertaining to "Page Fault" but I neglected to write it down so I don't remember exactly what it said; something about page fault not being in the correct place.

I have also used F12 to boot from the CDROM drive with the installation and repair discs inserted, to no avail. It simply attempts to load the Windows files for a few seconds and then I get the blue screen flash for a fraction of a second and then I get the "Windows Error Recovery" black screen. Also in F12 I have used the Hard Drive Diagnostics which showed no problems with the drive. I tried booting to the Utility Partition and received the message "Utility Partition Not Found".

I'm stumped. Does anyone know what is happening and why I can't get the windows installation disc to work or why none of the functions in F8 have any effect? Do I need to purchase a new hard drive and install my OS on it? I'm not the dimmest bulb in the room but I'm not without experience in repairing files or reinstalling an OS. Should I remove the computer case and check for loose wire connections? I'm assuming it's a hardware problem since no software has been installed during the past few months.

Thank you in advance for your time and any assistance provided.


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