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Re: Windows Dancer on Vista and Windows 7

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Posted 18 June 2012 - 04:37 AM

Re: Windows Dancer on Vista and Windows 7


FWIW, the link for "3) Additional stuffs from Xp MCE 2005 - All Original Screensavers : (patched/ported to other Windows OSes," found here is dead; a working mirror that I used that has the same MD5 hash when I downloaded it is here.

Hope that helps someone! IDK if any of the other links are dead or not, however, I found the one I was looking for by Googling the last part of the original download URL, like this:

Original URL:


I Googled: 


If that doesn't work, remove the .html

Be sure to verify the checksum of any file you find like this, and watch for sites that redirect you right back to the same dead link you started with. If you can't verify the checksum, be sure to scan the file for viruses. A good utility for getting different checksums for files (MD5, SHA-1, CRC32, and a million others if you change the settings) is HashTab by implbits found here.

I think I managed to get around having to re-install the screensavers a dozen times to get them working: you just have to open Explorer in Administrative mode. Hit Start, type in "Explorer" without the quotes, right-click Windows Explorer, and click Run as Administrator. Then navigate to the .scr files and right-click > install

Now I just gotta find 3D Pipes.. I was trying to check out the Google Chrome about:internets Easter Egg. Unfortunately, not found in this pack. :'(

EDIT: Found it here:


Unfortunately, I guess the about:internets Easter Egg was removed. Probably cause no current Windows OS has that screensaver. Besides mine. laugh.gif

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