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Splinter - Anything Can Be Anything

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Posted 23 February 2013 - 12:44 AM

Recently diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. My communication woes, explained.

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Posted 25 May 2013 - 11:26 AM

Splinter Portable download link



Scaling enabled - Now you can run splinterfaces that were created in higher resolution systems in lower screen resolutions.

All splinterfaces that were previously only able to be run in a 1920x1080 screen res format, may now be run in lower resolutions.

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Posted 28 June 2013 - 10:53 AM

Infinity Edition Splinter presentation images and video





Page/wallpaper showcase








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Posted 13 October 2013 - 01:48 AM

Infinity Edition Splinter now available
Over 100 pages (wallpapers), roughly 1000 dynamic
desktop objects (splicons and triggers, the two types of Splinter icons), and 100 commercial/wiki
internet hot links for further info and products of various comic book characters, teams, and stories.
Three 100MB zip files containing Infinity can be downloaded at Rapidshare at the following links.
Part 1
Video presentations..
Part 2 (more imagery based showing of the splinterface. No narration)
Part 1 (detailed explanation of how things work and why there are set the way they are. This video was created when I was only halfway done with the splinterface)
INSTRUCTIONS - IT IS LONG, BUT SO IS THE SPLINTERFACE - NOTE- if you ever get "lost" inside, you can always right click the task tray icon and jump to a page from there.
The "start" page will be the Thanos page. On his gauntlet, in the bottom middle of the page, are
six gems, with 99% transparent triggers on them. When you click them, the finger gems go to the
various comic publisher "home splinterface page" (like the Marvel page with links to the pages of
their characters) and the one on his hand links to the main publisher page, which has all of them
on one page.
From there, click on various character logos to go to THEIR main pages. On these pages will be
splicons and triggers that are linked to various things. Some go to other pages with character
So, it basically works like a tree, for the most part, if you catch my drift. Like the Marvel main page
will have links that branch out and go deeper into character and team info and imagery, etc.
On the top right of MOST pages, will be a hidden trigger that when you hover over it and click, it
will take you to the main publisher page, again. Kinda like a home page link. On the top left of
MOST pages will be a hidden trigger that will bring you to the "parent page"(so like if you are on a
Wolverine wallpaper, it would take you to the XMen wallpaper list page. Click on the top left one
from that page and would take you to the main XMen page. Click top left on that and would go to
the main Marvel page, etc). On the bottom left of MOST pages will be hidden triggers that when
hovered over and clicked will either hide or show all of the triggers that are used to open up the
various splicons on the page. On the bottom right of MOST will be the hidden "reset page" trigger,
which will kill all splicons and hide all triggers that are open, putting the page back to a clean
Not all triggers and splicons are linked to things. For example, in the Masters of the Universe
Heroes page, the only one linked is the He-Man trigger of text that says "action strips"(or
something. The other characters on the page all have the same text triggers, but I never made
pages for those characters so they don't do anything when clicked. My intention was to show what
all of YOU and THEM could do, not do it all myself, this was a beast that took over two months as
it is.
Now when you click on that He-Man link it will flip to a new page and begin a story like a comic
book, with splicons popping into place and making it look like a comic book come to life (rather
than a motion comic which doesn't look anything like a comic book). It will have three or four
pages, with indicators coming up when it is time for you to click and move on. On the fourth page
of the story it will have a next button that when clicked will take you to a page that says "and if you
want to read the WHOLE story, click here to go to DC on-line's web page to purchase the whole
book. So it was basically a cool little teaser/demo of a comic that DC wants you to buy. (but you
don't have to click it to go to DC, of course. Only if you want to. And any of the pages in the story
can simply be your wallpaper, if you like how they look, cause open splicons appear below all
other windows that pop open from other apps. Point being, this would be an ad for the digital
comic DC is trying to sell. But it would not feel that way, and it would not act that way unless you
actually clicked the "purchase here" link at the end...
There are three of these in this splinterface. The other two are Superman vs Darkseid (it isn't the
actual story i tell in the splinterface, it is just cool imagery and text boxes to show how it can be
done, not to be the actual ad for their comic.), and....the other is Cyanide, which is my character
creation. It just shows how to tell a story, like the two above, in a slightly different way.
Now, this is just one of several ways that I linked and expanded on character pages. Another is
like on the Avengers page. There will be text triggers that appear that will say something like
'avengers movie', which will take you to the DVD sale site. 'Avengers video game' which will take
you to the on-line game web page. Clicking on one of the actual character images will take you to
the Marvel.com web page about that character. And the "Avengers wallpaper' trigger, which when
clicked, will take you to a page that has thumbs of various team member wallpapers. When you
click these thumbs, you will go to the wallpaper..
The wallpaper lists are in XMen, Avengers, Batman (Bat cave), Spiderman, and Venom. Most
characters have wallpaper pages, but only these above have multiple wallpapers that are all
shown as a thumb list on a separate page (when I say page, I ALWAYS mean "wallpaper". It is
just that with Splinter, they become MORE than just a wallpaper, they are more like web pages,
only better, IMO)
Also, on the Justice League main page, there are hidden triggers on each of the team member
breast plates, that when clicked, will take you to that character's main page..........(only Batman
and Superman have pages that the triggers are linked to. Again, I couldn't do it all myself, too
much work. Eventually I will, if no one else does, but not important for the initial release)..
Now the Batman page will have "bat friends" and "bat bad guys" triggers, that when clicked will
make the bat friend characters splanimate into the scene, actually fitting into the background
image as if they belong. These characters can be clicked and then taken to a wallpaper of that
character. (this is just like the wallpaper list pages I mentioned above, except that the ones above
look like thumbs over a background image, and these ones look like characters simply as part of
the wallpaper. Seamless blending is how I chose to show this page....)
Tired yet? My fingers are from all this typing........but much more to tell.....On the Fantastic 4
page, only The Thing and Human Torch have active links. Thing has links to wiki pages, a
wallpaper, and a page that shows him in various action panels, like from "famous battles" or
whatever...Torch has only one active link (of the four showing), that will take you to a page where
a splanimation of the team chasing after Silver Surfer, a cool looking "animated" sequence.
(which, just like all other pages, can be your wallpaper if you wish, simply by leaving it be when it
is on screen).....
On the main publisher page, you will always see a black Spiderman logo type image coming
down from his web. This is just another way to show how you can display the character logos in
an appealing way, rather than just being static like all the others. When you click this you will be
taken to the main 'spider" page, where Spiderman, venom, carnage, Spidergirl images all appear,
followed by text triggers that say 'wallpapers", BIOS, etc. Only the wallpaper link is active and will
take you to the Spiderman wallpaper list. But you can also click the actual venom character and it
will take you to the venom wallpaper list....
Notice that all of the things I am showing you can be done in multiple ways, it is up to your
imagination. There are an infinite number of ways that you can create some type of splicon
sequence to get to any of these pages and lists....
Now when you go into the main Marvel page, there will also be a deadpool logo. When this is
clicked it will take you to the deadpool wallpaper. In the middle of the wallpaper, inside the logo, is
a hidden trigger that when clicked will initiate a splicon sequence that will place four action
sequence type splanimations in that wallpaper...
On the Superman page, you can click his breastplate for a little bio. If you click "issue #1" it will
take you to a little sequence on another page, talking about his first appearance.
On the Batman page, if you click Bat Cave, it will take you to the bat cave wallpaper list.On two of
these pages are spladvertisements. Splads are cool. The coolest type of advertising on Earth,
period. Because the ad must place the product or service into the background wallpaper, in a
relative way, or it is just a lame ad on unrelated image. One of the bat ads shows the bat mobile
pulling in and getting floor dirty. An image pops up and says something like "how does Alfred
clean up after a mess like this......He reaches for his swiffer sweeper" and then the swiffer cleans
up the dirt that the bat mobile just brought in.. Another shows a smashed up bat mobile pulling in
and the Geico Gecko appears and says, "at Geico, we treat all our customers like super hero's" or
something... And the last has text that appears on the bat computer screen saying "tired of
spending all your time couped up in a bat lair", then the travelocity gnome appears on the screen
and so do images of Paris, Hawaii, and Egypt. And the these images are linked to the travelocity
web page about trips to these places...Things like that are what makes spads fun, within Splinter.
They don't have to be clicked, don't have to be seen, if the end user doesn't wish it. But the fact that
they are fun and relative to the environment that you are in, makes them more appealing and not
feel like advertising......
Enjoy it, add to it, alter it, do anything you want with it. Just explore it, cause it is filled with so
many things that have never been seen on a desktop before, it is ridiculous. This is how Splinter
can transform the desktop into something that is, imo, far more powerful a medium, than any
other. Cause it blends the local and internet and gaming and storytelling and more, into one
seamless environment....
As usual, any issues or questions, I am here. I want you to
understand and enjoy it more than you yourself do, so never hesitate.


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Posted 13 October 2013 - 01:53 AM

Poor Shunned Edition Splinter
Rainmeter to Splinter "port" RELEASED


This is the first ever 'port" of the imagery within a Rainmeter skin to a splinterface. If you follow the instructions below or in the zip file, you will have working hotlinked icons by default.



Here is the original look of it





Download the splinterface here


View the splanimation here

Unzip the package and place the Splinter folder in C:. Just open up your C drive and drop that folder into it. It has all of the shorcuts and scripts. If it isnt in the right location none of the hotlinked icons will work. If it asks you to merge the folder, do so. This means that you already ran the installer and have the folder path set up. All icons except the MS Office suite should be botlinked already.

Place the "Poor Shunned Edition Splinter" file in any directory, though it is usually best if you put it in the Documents folder, as that is where Splinter looks, by default.

Launch Splinter and then right click the task tray icon and select Open. Navigate to the poor shunned file and load it. That is it.

When launched, there wil be 5 blue "stars" on the screen. The one in the center launches the splanimation. The one in the top right shows and hides all of the triggers used to initiate the splicons. Top left opens and closes the top console bar(SEE NOTE NEXT PARAGRAPH) . The bottom left one opens up the HAL9000 spl-EYE-con, the bottom right one will "kill' the scene, making all splicons and triggers close instanly, in case something happens and there are triggers or splicons still on screen after you close it.

NOTE---When the "contraption" is open, and you add a trigger, the trigger will appear BENEATH the top console 'bar" because it is a splicon and they are above them in the window layers.
So the TOP LEFT STAR in the middle of the screen can be clicked to open and close that bar so that you can get and move your triggers without having to close down the entire contraption.


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Posted 26 March 2014 - 07:48 AM

Extinguished Edition Splitner demo. Releasing to the public, tomorrow








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Posted 04 February 2015 - 03:40 PM

SLAP and Splinter demo reel






Infinity Stone Clickable Hidden Object in Youtube video using external annotation links



New way to use an annotation in order to play hidden object games using external links. That's right, buddy... Mmm hmm....I will have to figure a way to shrink the size of the border or remove it completely, but I will figure something out. There are always ways around it all...

Actually, I may shrink the annotation box down to a pixel size that is not able to be seen unless you are looking for it. This would work if the object being hidden is not in motion, like the stone is. Problem solved....

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