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Winlaunch (Mac OS X Lion Launchpad on Windows)

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#141 mikolajek


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Posted 16 September 2014 - 12:29 PM

Hmmm... Can anyone explain me the meaning of those strange keys available as part of the activation key combination (as seen below)?


I'd like to set backslash as a part of the activation key combination but I can't find it in this drop-down list. Is it available? Maybe it's hidden behind one of those strange names.


#142 superddman


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Posted 05 February 2015 - 08:37 PM


What a superb idea and delivery.  Microsoft will be embarrassed with their QuickLaunch, Pin Items and Start Menu once they try your WinLaunch.  It completely changed the way I access day-to-day resources.  I simply can’t live without it now!

Just a quick question: is it possible to customize icons of each shortcut in WinLaunch without affecting the original shortcut file?

Also, I had a dream of completely replacing Windows interface since it’s taking too much space and there is room for improvement.  I came up with a little mock-up below.
Hovering over open windows A would show a preview on the right where the WinLaunch shortcuts are located.
System Tray B and Fast-as-you-type filter C at the bottom in the same bar where Settings, Edit, and Exit are located.
It could even be taken a step further by having some sort of visual indicators to notify which shortcuts are already open (all the green markings in my mock-up).
Basically, all open windows could be numbered sequentially from top to bottom on the left.  If a particular shortcut is already open, its icon in WinLaunch would have some visual indicator like the green rectangles and corresponding numbers beside it.  Clicking on little green numbers beside the icon would open the corresponding window.
Also, it would be great if shortcut text would wrap to next line if it’s too long to fit on a single line and ability to freely move/arrange shortcut icons.
Not sure if these ideas are feasible and if it wouldn’t add too much stress on the app but just some thoughts.
Keep it up and hope to see more updates.
All the best!



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