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#1 sebsitter189


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Posted 12 September 2003 - 11:43 PM

hi, i installed a win xp boot screen, and after about 3 weeks it stopped working (didnt replace noraml boot screen) so i reinstalled it but it seems to have 'killed' my computer as the boot screen will not appear and i cant access my computer. Is there anything i can do except for reinstall windows??? :blink:

#2 Cyclops



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Posted 13 September 2003 - 02:00 PM

There is no need for reinstalling the windows.
Boot with DOS mode and delete the ntoskrnl.exe file.
When you will restart your PC, windows will make a new ntoskrnl.exe

In DOS mode type:

cd c:\windows\system32\
del ntoskrnl.exe

#3 sebsitter189


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Posted 15 September 2003 - 04:23 PM

thank you very much :D

#4 dodah234


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Posted 18 September 2003 - 08:47 PM

how do i boot with dos? :blink:

#5 bornhj


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Posted 20 September 2003 - 01:02 AM

to boot in DOS mode with xp, wait until your computer shows the list of pci devices in a box. press f8, then f8 again. choose it from the list that appears, then press enter twice.

#6 CianCarota



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Posted 16 January 2004 - 10:01 AM

Ummmm, ok i installed logon screen, doesn't work, the usual. but my xp won't start up at all now. i try to run in safe mode and it does the windows boot-up but instead of going to what would next be the logon screen, the computer restarts automatically <_< ... there is no DOS boot on XP from what i gather ;) and i don't have the CD to fix problems with... sooo, ummmm any ideas? would be most greatful to avoid formating. :cry:

#7 Dark-Articuno


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Posted 21 January 2004 - 03:48 PM

Well i think formatting
That never happened to me

#8 hitu


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Posted 18 February 2004 - 02:29 PM

u can boot into DOS in XP :P.. do the F8 sequence & select SAFE MODE WITH COMMAND PROMPT..
then do :
cd c:\windows\system32\
del ntoskrnl.exe 

Reboot :D

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