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One more time?

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Posted 22 June 2011 - 02:42 PM


Ok, so... lets try this again, shall we?

Any and everyone that has been coming to WM for a while knows of the Villain\Paras conflict. While I will admit that I DO find it somewhat humorous, it's time to put it to rest. Please.

You see, WinMatrix is a Tech site. Not just Windows, but all OSes, all kind of tech news, from Games, to Apps, to what company is suing other companies for vague copyright infringement (seems to be a trend now...). Anyway, The one thing that WM does not need is Drama. Good lord knows there is enough of that on the normal Internet.

Paras is an aspiring, if young, programmer. He has ideas. A few of them good ones. but one of the hardest thing for ANY programmer is coming up with an app idea that no one else has done. and if you happen to replicate some one else's app, in the end, some one else will point it out, and drama will happen.

I myself had this happen on dA, I had made a copy (inadvertently) of an app that does nothing else than sit in the system tray, notify you of how many items are in the Recycling Bin, and give you the option to clean out the bin from that app, or to limit how many files can be in the bin at any given time. A prior developer had made an app such as this, and he was so offended that he got all but the final release deleted form dA, simply because I had stolen his idea.

In the end, I changed up my app enough to be different form his, and the final download was allowed to be on dA.

And let me tell you... It pissed me off. No one has the right to mandate that "I made this app, no one else can make another that replicates it's functions". that just dont fly with me. And in the end, thats what has been happening to Paras.

So here is me, asking WM, to please, dont get upset or start flaming him. He is young. New app ideas are, or can be, hard to come up with.

Now, to play Devil's Advocate for WM patrons, this is what Paras is doing WRONG...
He is coming in to WM, posting his apps, and leaving. You cant do that. By him doing that it feels as if your simply spamming WM with your apps. If you want the WM people to accept you, you need to take part in, and comment on, posted items. Dont just come in, post your app, leave. Stay on WM. Post on items that others post. Take an active interest in the community. whenever you open the browser, go to WM, once or twice a day, look at the topics, and if they interest you, post something.

Now this is the TRUE part of being a great programmer, and most dont know this. Be Social. Talk to people. Talk about subjects that have nothing to do with your app. Ger to know what patrons like and hate. In the end, this will help you out immensely, because, you will develop the ability to "read" people, to figure out what they like, and that information can lead up to new apps to make, that will have a generally positive influence.

I have, more then once, made an app, simply because of ONE PERSON, that was NOT myself, and it ended up that others loved it. Great thing, being Social.

So there you go. Patrons of WM, lets try to help out Paras, please? He has TREMENDOUS potential to be a great programmer, seriously. He just needs input and direction. Paras, be more social. Not only on WM, but on all forums. In the end, your only helping yourself to become a better programmer. Just to drive the point home, I have been talking to Lee Whittington (Yes, That Lee... ViGlance, ViStart, ViOrb, etc... [LeeSoft]), and we both seem to agree that he has potential.

*gets off his soapbox now*

Thanks for taking the time to read, I appreciate it, feedback is, as always, welcomed. :D

Villain AKA Solo AKA Brad

PS. Also, with this post, I am announcing that, if i still have the source code, I will be Open Sourcing most of my apps. Learning makes for better programming. If you want the source for an app, ask. I may say Yes, or no. However, all project associated with Harmony (Except JumpPad) wont be Open Sourced. Also, most of the older Apps is vb6, not .Net. Be Warned.

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Posted 22 June 2011 - 04:12 PM

Good post Villain.

#3 Chrominator


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Posted 24 June 2011 - 12:27 AM

You, sir, are an inspiration.

#4 Faulkner


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Posted 22 April 2013 - 10:27 AM

Nice try to Share. Please rearange all information and share with sequence.

#5 Liskiller


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Posted 22 April 2013 - 10:34 AM

Please don't bring up the old threads.

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