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Taskbar Collapser - Collapse and Expand Taskbar

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#1 Paras Sidhu

Paras Sidhu

    Microsoft Office Specialist & Software Developer

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Posted 12 April 2011 - 01:25 AM

Taskbar Collapser is a mini tool to collapse or expand Taskbar. It compaitable with Win7/Vista. Buggy in XP. Both 32-bit and 64-bit are supported.

See How :

  • Download and run the tool
Posted Image

  • Click "Collapase Taskbar" to collapase taskbar and "Expand Taskbar" to restore taskbar
Posted Image

Download Now

#2 Loveliet



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Posted 12 April 2011 - 03:05 AM

The part of the task bar that used to hold all of the elements for the normal taskbar such as bluring are still there...it is essentially moving things to the right and squishing it together. I don't see why this program is useful as it is or from the screen shot but if you were to make a couple of improvements I'd imagine you could make this program very popular.

My suggestions are as follows:

1. Work on making the entire task bar collapse if possible without leaving anything from the bar except in the corner it collapses into.
2.Add support for custom skins which redesign the windows interface. You could potentially make it very popular that way. Fans of minimalism such as myself would love to see the task bar on one corner of the screen and only have it show our tasks when we hover over it.
3. Add auto hide, hot spots to retrieve it and possibly other graphical enhancements.
4. Maybe you could fix the always on top problem for the taskbar in windows 7 as well.

I'm not a programmer or a graphical designer so you'll have to look else where.

#3 Villain


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Posted 12 April 2011 - 03:50 AM

So your using FindWindow, FindWindowEx and ShowWindow to "hide" the "Tasklister" portion of the bar...

Probaly something like this...

Dim SysTray As String = "shell_traywnd"
dim shelltraywnd, traynotifywnd, trayclockclass as intptr
Me.shelltraywnd = Form1.FindWindowEx(0, 0, SysTray, nothing)
SysTray = "traynotifywnd"
Me.traynotifywnd = Form1.FindWindowEx(Me.shelltraywnd, 0, SysTray, Nothing)
SysTray = "trayclockwclass"
Me.trayclockwclass = Form1.FindWindowEx(Me.traynotifywnd, 0, SysTray,nothing)

Then on button press
Form1.ShowWindow(Me.traynotifywnd, 3)
Form1.ShowWindow(Me.traynotifywnd, 1)


@Loveliet: the tray (taskbar) cant be shrunk like how your thinking that it should be. MS has hard-coded it to be the screen.width.. always.

Anyway, good try. The name is deceptive though. It doesnt "Shrink" the tasklister portion of the taskbar, it hides it.

#4 Guest_Paras_*

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Posted 12 April 2011 - 04:10 AM

Thanks for the suggestions. I will do some improvements in the next version.

#5 ayoshi


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Posted 12 April 2011 - 11:39 PM

Nice idea and good work. I will wait for improvements for the next version. keep it up! :rolleyes:

Edited by ayoshi, 12 April 2011 - 11:40 PM.

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