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Got a virus, need urgent help!

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#101 poolsharkzz


    XP - 'till the world blows up!

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Posted 01 October 2009 - 02:44 PM

Funny or not... Yes, I am dead serious -

Look at all the talent and "mad skillz" we have at here at WinMatrix...

All I was doing was thinking of a way to give this guy the help he needs and have as many as we can to participate in the "adventure", that's all.

Besides, there are many guides out there but I have never seen a guide that breaks down a XP Install from scratch, especially with the level of detail I am talking about.

You see, most folks think it's over after going through the initial set-up prompts and hitting the desktop - but we know better - there is a whole laundry list of things that can be done to a system afterwards - this is what I want to pay attention to - you can review some of that list in my previous post.

I was thinking of "following in the footsteps" and creating something along the lines of AMIRZ's "List of Vista and / or Windows 7 Applications, Tools, and Features for XP" - The greatest list ever conceived by man!

It was just a brain fart - imagine where we could go with this...

It's all up to The Alpha Gamer -


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#102 AMIRZ


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Posted 01 October 2009 - 04:07 PM

Haha btw thank you for mentioning that, the list of Vista apps for XP that i made here poolsharkzz :D . Well yeah actually your original idea is great, i'd like to support it too :D sounds kinda funny though :lol:

#103 poolsharkzz


    XP - 'till the world blows up!

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Posted 01 October 2009 - 06:17 PM

I mean, let's be frank here for a moment:

What this guy did (as countless others do) is that once he got the computer - he opened up the box, slapped the battery in, plugged it in, and went to town...

On the surface, you are saying: "That's exactly what I did, what's wrong with that?

Nothing, if you know what you are doing or have enough "mad skillz" to be dangerous.

Look at Post # 99 again - all those things need to be taken into account and set-up correctly - otherwise the user will find himself in The Alpha Gamer's shoes - or worse.

A "generic" guide composing of "what to do after you plug it in" would be very helpful to many - regardless of what Operating System is installed.

What's funny is this guy was running with no firewall, a sub-standard antivirus, no spyware programs, no hardening, no lock-down, no back-up or data recovery, no maintenance programs...

I am almost certian he's running FAT32 versus NTFS, I bet there is 50-60 processes running in the background! He could lose approx one quarter of the "weight" from his system and registry...

How many tool bars does he has installed? How much crapware does he have installed?

He is at what Service Pack? There are more than 1,100 hotfixes/patches in SP3:


Not to mention the overheating and crashing problem - which could be a hardware problem or quite possibly a software problem - when is the last time he updated his System's BIOS?

Outdated Apps: Flash, Shockwave, Java, .Net, Direct X, Adobe, Quicktime, and who knows what else?

By doing a reinstall, he should see a 35%-40% performance gain - without any tweaking!

Do you now see where I am going with this?


PS. AMIRZ - no problem - It is the best list for XP around!

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#104 CommonSense


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Posted 01 October 2009 - 07:09 PM

When I tweak I normally follow a guide since I don't know off-the-top-of-my-head what services are needed and what aren't. I use TweakHound's guides. And also Google for other guides and compare them.

But I support your idea. And will help if I can. :yes:

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