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Mac Fanboy turns into Windows 7 Fanboy

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#41 Borix


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Posted 09 September 2009 - 10:12 AM

This is all b*llsh*t. Microsoft is making advertisements, but making it seem like a person is promoting it and not them.

Also, I don't really like Apple's Ads much. I think Microsoft's are better. Apple is just repeating the same thing.


I hope you one hell of a hypocrite gets smacked in the head. you deny that you love Apple and Windows while in fact you implied that you hate them both.

Ok. So, you grab two different sentences from two completely different conversations and put them together to make me look like I'm contradicting myself?

Ok. This is the sh** I'm talking about. Dealing with idiots on this forum.

1. The first post was about the newsletter ad and the second one was about the Apple vs Microsoft TV Video ads. So, coldemone smack yourself real HARD for that one. I was talking about two completely different things.

2. When did I EVER say that I hated the OSes? I mentioned flaws and downsides, but I didn't ever say that I hated them. Smack yourself twice for that one.

Ok. Who's the next idiot to flame against me? This is just getting too ridicules.

Lets get back OT and handle personal issues via PM.

Edited by Borix, 09 September 2009 - 10:12 AM.

#42 yanike


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Posted 09 September 2009 - 10:29 AM

Lets get back OT and handle personal issues via PM.

Dude! They won't quit coming at me. I don't need these people PMing me. None of them get banned for the crap they do. This community has really changed and not everything has changed for the good. I liked the old WinMatrix better when you wasn't judged and people couldn't team up on you and downrate you. Everything is getting too personal. I know exactly what to not add to my Techlution project.

#43 Jatin



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Posted 09 September 2009 - 10:51 AM

Do we have to do this every time?

Whenever someone posts a thread about Operating systems, game consoles or even antivirus. Some users take it very personally and start behaving link kids, someone with short tempter suddenly starts bashing others, then moderators have to interfere and warn/ban someone. Then the banned member gets upset and takes it as injustice towards him/her and start sending me PMs. Some even threaten to sue me too.

Therefore, now it would be tried that such situations are not repeated. As soon as the thread results in flamewar, it would be closed immediately.

None is being warned/banned, but only for this time.

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