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[Article] Help My Windows Won’t Open!

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Posted 27 August 2009 - 11:28 PM


When I hear those words it is usually not due to someone wanting some ventilation in the house it is due to someone’s computer locking up, I only wish it was someone wanting a breeze. Windows … Hmmmm the blessing of computing for the masses has resulted in the mental torment of the masses. Normal humans (not techno geeks like us….) gain enormous pleasure in getting the application of the week to run on their PC and call the kids, call the wife, girlfriend to see the results of their handiwork. We have all had it happen, the excitement of showing off the new software package dashed by a Windows crash. It did bring me a small level of satisfaction when Bill Gates was doing a Windows demo in front of a huge audience and got the infamous blue screen of death. When it happens to you it is less public but no less frustrating. The stability of Windows has always been it’s real Achilles heal and with the release of Windows 7 we are ever hopeful, yet again, that THIS version of Windows really IS stable. (Yes I am a dreamer). To put it in biblical terms Windows 95 begat Windows 98, and we saw that it was sort of good. Windows 98 begat Windows 2000 and we saw that it was good. Windows 2000 begat Windows CE Windows ME and Windows NT, and we saw that it was not so good. Windows CE ME NT begat Windows XP and we saw that it was good. Windows XP begat Windows Vista and we saw that it was BAD and immediately went back to XP! Windows Vista begat Windows 7 and we HOPE it is good!

PC Moder has been testing Windows 7 since the beta came out and yes PC Moders there is hope. So far we are impressed with the interface and the ease of installation. The systems seemed stable and at least as good as XP was…(isn’t it sad when we hope something is a good as an old version). So keep the faith PCModers, we have seen the Windows 7 Beta and now the release of Windows 7 and so far….it is good.


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