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WinShake: Aero Shake and Peek on Windows XP, Vista and 7 Starter/Basic

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#101 Freddy2



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Posted 27 August 2013 - 12:47 PM

Hello again everyone! :)

I have a new version of WinShake for you! It contains the last few improvements for Windows 7 with Aero enabled, plus a few more for everyone else!

v2.72 - 08/04/2013
Improve = Minimized the chance of activating Auto Alt-Tab Switch by mistake.
Improve = Improved Auto Alt-Tab Switch performance.
Improve = Increased the Glow animation speed a bit.
Bug fix   = The Glow animation is now still visible with Aero enabled.

Bug fix   = And with Aero enabled some Title Bars were black after peeking.

Bug fix   = When Quick Flipping with Aero sometimes a window remained visible.

Bug fix   = Corrected bottom window corners after peeking with Aero disabled.

Bug fix   = Fixed UAC compatibility.

"...by setting Auto Switch to Left and/or Right you can also quickly switch between windows, without clicking the mouse, with the ease of "Windows 8"-like swiping, from the Taskbar towards the desktop, but still with the beauty of "Windows 7"-like peeking, in real size instead of thumbnail size. The screen edges even activate Alt-Tab, complete with mouse wheel support..."

The MMB cancels Alt-Tab without switching. And if you do that, you can swap between the last two windows without the Alt-Tab window flashing on top, with just the mouse wheel.


Have fun again everyone! ;)


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Posted 17 December 2013 - 05:15 PM

Hello everyone! :)

Just in time for the Holidays, I have a big new version of WinShake for you all! It contains a couple of... I think... :P very useful new features and performance improvements, plus compatibility with Windows 8(.1)!

v2.73 - 11/29/2013
Feature  = New NumWheel function, especially for laptop users, to use the NumPad keys as a mouse wheel, complete with middle button, as well as buttons #4 and #5.
"...especially useful for laptop users with NumPad keys. Most laptops only have two mouse buttons under the touchpad, and when it comes to scrolling with a touchpad, not everyone is as happy with that either. And even if you do have a mouse, if your mouse has no horizontal scrolling, or you just need to scroll a lot, NumWheel can be useful as well.
With NumWheel enabled (by double clicking on the Tray Icon) and NumLock turned off, you can use the four NumPad arrow keys as a Mouse Wheel. The middle 5 key functions as your regular Middle Mouse Button, and the Ins and Del keys are now the #4 and #5 Mouse Buttons, usually set to Previous and Next.
These all function as if they were part of a real mouse. The new Middle Mouse Button can of course be used for most of the other WinShake functions. And in the Control Panel you can set the scroll speed, just as you normally would.
The remaining Home, End, PgUp and PgDn keys are for scrolling whole pages, as you would expect. And combined with Ctrl, they jump straight to the beginning or the end. However, they follow the window your mouse is hovering over.
Feature  = Auto Alt-Tab can now be canceled by sliding the mouse along the edge.

"...by setting Auto Switch to Left and/or Right... the screen edges (or when using Windows 8(.1), the upper corners) ... activate Alt-Tab, complete with mouse wheel support. By moving the mouse away from the edge again, you switch to the selected window. And by sliding along the edge, you cancel Alt-Tab."
When canceling with the MMB, you can swap between the last two windows without the Alt-Tab window flashing on top, with just the mouse wheel.

Added    = ToolTip telling it’s ready to Auto Switch by moving mouse from edge.

Added    = Windows 8(.1) and Server 2012(R2) compatibility.

Bug fix   = No more Auto Start Menu/Screen when already clicked on Start Button.

Bug fix   = The Win-Alt-` HotKey could not be disabled.

Improve = Improved general performance when registered.

Have fun again everyone! ;)

And Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)


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