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Seven Transformation Pack 5.0 for Windows XP and Vista

windows xp

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#41 RickSOLET


    Super WinMatrixian

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Posted 12 July 2009 - 03:43 AM

Thanks for the 2nd version. I'm going to install it on my Vista.

#42 pm_41


    CS student

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Posted 12 July 2009 - 03:47 AM

Nice job! This is very useful for the newbies out there! :)

#43 tonyokoro


    New WinMatrixian

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Posted 12 July 2009 - 11:16 AM

all credit to the VTP team but if u guys are looking for a super bar emulator for vista..then try SBar. It gives live thumbnail previews on taskbar..unlike viglance which in my view is still only good for xp as it only shows a static picture..useless in vista .

#44 WhistAler



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Posted 14 July 2009 - 09:27 AM

Yay for Vista compatibility! :D

#45 Thomas - Dosanjh

Thomas - Dosanjh

    Hope Runs Deep

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Posted 15 July 2009 - 02:15 AM

I uninstalled the pack and the text from my tabs in the task bar seem to be gone..

Any way of getting them back?

#46 USG Ishimura

USG Ishimura

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Posted 15 July 2009 - 07:25 AM

^ Here we go. All those VTP problems are coming back.

#47 Guest_VTP_*

  • Guest

Posted 06 September 2009 - 03:12 PM

Some of my icons won't change after uninstalling the pack.

#48 Windows X

Windows X


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Posted 11 September 2009 - 05:55 PM

Version 3.0 is released!


Deferred 3rd-party applications startup
This stuff is the coolest part of this release. You won't have issues with 3rd-party applications fighting other applications to allocate resources in startup anymore. Even if you use tons of 3rd-party applications bundled in Seven Transformation Pack, it won't degrade your Windows startup performance like before. Why? Because I put startup list in launcher application to handle this mess instead of putting in registry and let them fight each other increasing resources overhead and lower performance. Launcher will pause for 3 seconds to allow most existing applications to allocate. Then, it'll start 3rd-party applications one by one after each 2 seconds until done. Also, if new user logged in after using Seven Transformation Pack, Welcome Center will run automatically to configure user account for complete Seven experiences. It's just pure bliss with launcher.

System files modification support for Windows Vista
This is very big step for Windows Vista. It's ashame that I can't put this in x64 edition no matter how much I wish for it. Now Seven Transformation Pack supports both Windows XP/2003 and Windows Vista equally. For this first release, I don't want to risk much about system files so I decided to modify only ones that won't really suffer system too much like imageres.dll and branding files. You'll get Windows 7 logon screen, logo and main icons updated. You can hope to see more in future releases like visual style support if Windows Vista don't get pwned by Windows 7 at that time.

3rd-party applications tweaks and optimization
In this version, I spent a lot of time refining how existing 3rd-party applications can work best in almost every condition. For Vista Rainbar, you get 800x600 support, show desktop fix, slideshow pictures, and Windows 7 graphics. For TrueTransparency, you get 1.2 update with new features, optimized font name with color and shadow. For WinFlip, you get better compatibilities by using system memory instead of video memory, disabled caching new window for thumbnail for potential crash and permanent ViStart fix on startup. For ViGlance and ViStart, compatibilities between these two improved a lot.

Windows 7 resources updated
Well, Windows 7 is now RTM'ed so I spent my time digging around it and updated all resources I have with this ones including parts I left during betas. Mostly about icons though but I also put some graphics UI updates too. You'd better checkout in changelog for details. Most of all, I'm very happy with new visual style frame border I remade from WindowBlinds skin. Thanks to old monitor that I saw wrong color and screwed VS up but now it's looking very good again. You sure will love it.

Well, that's how 3.0 is in a nutshell. For more information, please read changelog in product page and download it there.

Product: Seven Transformation Pack 3.0
Download: Seven Transformation Pack 3.0

Please verify that MD5 hash of executable file is "7CBE13E6E78C352ECADA4A7F194101DE". That's the proper release and I request all mirrors to update it with this ones.

Posted Image

#49 K.L.Devine


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Posted 11 September 2009 - 06:25 PM

Thank you Windows X. :D



    Loyal Member and Friend

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Posted 12 September 2009 - 11:51 AM

Nice update Windows X :D

@VTP, just delete/rebuild icon cache (you can also use TweakUI or Tuneup Utilities)

#51 pcHuntqwerty



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Posted 13 September 2009 - 11:18 AM

Nice update! Thanks for the better compatibility. :)

#52 Polygamy


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Posted 20 September 2009 - 05:19 AM

This looks purely awesome, I've been looking for this for months.

I have a question though:

With my specs. (shown below) would my computer be able to handle this pack or would it crash? I've just recently fixed my computer after it crashed millions of times, so i don't really want it happening again... ^_^;


Edited by Polygamy, 20 September 2009 - 05:25 AM.

#53 K.L.Devine


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Posted 20 September 2009 - 08:24 PM

@Polygamy; I would use any fancy theme on 512MB of RAM. :no:

#54 hab


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Posted 20 September 2009 - 08:55 PM

@Polygamy; I would use any fancy theme on 512MB of RAM. :no:

I think he meant wouldn't as I also have 512MB ram - just stick to Visual Style's - no point wasting ram on all this stuff

#55 Polygamy


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Posted 21 September 2009 - 06:42 AM

I actually found the skins that Vg made to be really useful.

I don't play games or anything, so it actually looks nice and is fast xD

Also, I was planning on upgrading this comp from 512mb of ram up to 2 gb :P

Which is why I was going to ask.

and also, I was going to switch from a little 20gb hd to a 500 hd if it made any difference because the 20gb hd is only temporary, for my computer's old hd failed.

Edited by Polygamy, 21 September 2009 - 06:42 AM.

#56 Rudy


    Not a Geek...

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Posted 21 September 2009 - 10:37 AM

Use it now thx

#57 Guest_thiss my live_*

Guest_thiss my live_*
  • Guest

Posted 01 November 2010 - 12:50 PM

Finally!!! B)

Thank you Windows X! :woot:

#58 Windows X

Windows X


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Posted 27 December 2010 - 09:50 PM

I didn't know I forget to post 4.0 here. Anyway, 5.0 is coming tomorrow. I've just finished it and I need some rest to refresh my head with some cool speech ;)

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Edited by Windows X, 27 December 2010 - 09:58 PM.

#59 Villain


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Posted 28 December 2010 - 12:17 AM

Windows X that looks pretty good. Ever think of making a Netbook pack? something that is just the patches needed, the msstyle, and a few other features, for those that have a netbook running XP?

#60 Windows X

Windows X


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Posted 28 December 2010 - 09:11 AM

You can get that from Seven Transformation Pack too. Performance configuration will patch system files and install themes. I used it on netbook and all went fine.

Edited by Windows X, 28 December 2010 - 09:11 AM.

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