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Get Windows Vista-like Explorer (and Search) Preview Pane for Xp

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#41 Guest_Gerard_*

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Posted 20 November 2009 - 02:47 AM

This is absolutely the greatest forum i ever found thank you all. Well i think i still need some help on windows search 4 with Office 2010 on my PC, would be appreciated. As recommended i've recently got Windows search 4.0 with Office 2010 beta installed (the os is genuine XP pro SP3 fully updated with latest windows updates in a decent PC), love them. The only problem is later When i search for .doc or .docx files, seems the preview panel is not working anymore. Its fine for other viewable files such as pdf and html though, just like when i was still to use older 3.1 with office 2003 on xp (yes 2003), no problem before upgrade. I have already tried to fix the problem using some registry tweaks yet, restarting file indexing, reinstalling and repairing the office and search applications both over and over again, even scanning possible malwares etc so on all without success so far, still cant find a working solution. I really need the feature since there are many doc files with contents saved in the hard drives to index and search i.e. for my office job etc. Other than that everything is great except for it. Are they actually incompatible to each other or maybe i will just need to either reformat the pc or downgrade the installed applications to reenable the feature back, anyway (yes i know office 2010 is still beta though)? Pardon my english & merci beaucoup pour votre aide....

#42 Guest_Guido_*

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Posted 10 June 2010 - 07:41 PM

Dear Sir,

I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bits with a monitor in portrait.

Normally Explorer is OK, but ...

The preview/reading pane is apparently fixed to the right side of the screen and this cannot be put at the bottom of the screen (or can it ?).

Because I use the monitor in portrait I would like the upper part of the screen : left folders, right thumbnails, and at the bottom of the screen a big reading-preview pane where I can see my pdf's in a readible way, screen wide, or at least as wide as the section with the thumbnails ?

Is this possible ?

I mean a reading-preview pane like explorer where I can go through all the pages with page up and down or using the scroll wheel. If possible where I can select text in the pdf and search words in the pdf (this was possible with WDS and XP).

For that reason I would like to get the preview pane in Explorer at the bottom of the screen for having a readible preview for example of a pdf (because the new 16:9 screen are getting so low, and thus so narrow in portrait).

When in Explorer the reading-preview pane is put to narrow, one can see a filmstrip of the pdf pages. This can also be usefull.

In that way one could also choose to have a filmstrip of the pdf :

- Landscape monitor : pane right : full pdf view
pane bottom : filmstrip of pdf pages.

- Portrait monitor : the opposite.

Or maybe even have the 2 panes active at the same time ?

I remember on my XP PC with WDS I could choose where the pane was : right or bottom.

When I use Outlook : the pane switches intelligent to right if I have the monitor in landscape, and to the bottom if the monitor is in portrait.

Explorer lacks all these things.

But I mean the preview-reading pane where I can go through all the pages, not the simple preview pane of the first page at the bottom in Explorer.


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