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DExposE2 Reloaded: WinMatrixian created language packs!

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Posted 01 April 2008 - 08:41 PM

Hi, everyone! vD3stroyiR(666) here!!!

I'm here to inform of the now availability of user created language translations!
At first in private as mentioned here, now it has become a growing concept as translated scripture is more and more needed!

Here is a Zip with a full set of instructions to get everyone started:

"Language used currently is English."

to something appropriate in ur language ! Its that simple .

Also another instruction u should follow is keep the length of the string almost same as
in original english file.
"translated by Lord Devrexster"

Put ur name in their appropriately. Preferably something cool, kind of weird actually ;)

Save the modified file in some other name like "Spanish.txt" and send it to me. Thats all!

Be sure to test out EVERYTHING before uploading! to do so, change the extension in your language text file from .txt to .xml and move it to the Language folder of your DExposE2 file directory (X:\Program Files\DExposE2, for example.) If for any reason anyone is unable to change the extension title, please PM me a link and I'll test it myself. =)

Upload as an XML for quick usage!

Remember, this is a first come first serve basis! Who ever provides a certain language translation first receives the contribution rights! However, first doesn't always mean best!! PM me to find out how you can submit your language translation to DExposE2 Reloaded for comparison testing purposes.

Be quick! German, Spanish, and English are already taken!
Updated Spanish for whoever wants it or needs it:

Our goal is 20+ languages!!! This will NOT be possible without the help of each and every WinMatrixian!
All help and translation is greatly appreciated!

NOTE: If for any reason errors are reported within a language translation, I expect the person who posted it to immediately remove it and re-upload an updated version!!! Please!

[ **This has been posted with permit from admin. DexposE2 Reloaded can be found here** ]

Edited by vD3stroyiR(666), 23 April 2008 - 10:07 AM.

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